About Us

"With great power comes great responsibility"
Uncle Ben

People, partners. Harmony, rhythm. Instruments, life and art. Mix all that with the magic of musical talent and most often you have music. Making music is not always just inspiration, sweating is part of the process and without this step one does not build anything. The scenario you paint when trying to describe a musician, is not far from when it comes to a poet, sculptor or any artist who battles for a successful hit. They're all looking for a generous and influential patron or are left to their own luck. The paths are not only infinitely tortuous between anonymity and success, even with a "good contact" the life of a musician not always gets better. Get talented musicians together - from the same tribe, that play the same songs, that enjoy the same rhythms - with great teams, on the right locations and make it all work, that is always a challenge.

The digital world has improved the spreading of music,, but the musician if left behind. Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, online radios and digital labels, and even LinkedIn (!) are all venues for music to present itself, to show that exceptional viral talent of the month or to 'sell' keyboard players that can only play in restaurants around. The musician continues its difficult endeavour anyways, In order to promote their talent they still need someone who can record their sound and image. They need partnerships or other instruments, need structure, support and all the stars aligned with the Earth so that they, at the end of the day, years later, are playing their own show with their own band, making what their talent, in form of gift, already foresaw, success.

Being a musician is currently very difficult... ENOUGH!

We are not superheroes. But as music and technology lovers, we could not just stand handcuffed while an increasing number of musicians - whether professional, amateur, or even supporters of musicians or professionals who work with music - have difficulties to produce their true passion!

Thinking about this, we decided to join our talents and change the life of musicians. And that is why we created fleeber! But who are we?

  • José "Betinho" Araújo Filho
    We do not know much about him, but little we do know is that he is responsible for creating discord with unpopular opinions at members' meetings. But the most important thing is that he is with us!

  • Di Ferrero
    From the series "Musicians that made it!" Nx Zero singer brings all his music experience and knowledge to fleeber, and more importantly, also brings several snacks and appetizers to our meetings!

  • Israel "Falleco" Crisanto
    Almost 7ft tall, and over a mile in technical knowledge. If you need coding for fleeber, or tips on video games, books or TV series, this is the guy to talk to.

  • Ramon "JamOn" Canales
    Some say he is a disturbed person. And that's why we like him! fleeber's mastermind, he makes all sorts of things so fleeber gets cuter. Layouts, logos, design of the website, the website itself, it's all his fault!

And our "Minions Oompa Loompas"

  • Bruno "BigCrazy" Loução
    The bright mind behind fleeber's barbecues, holder of lots of random knowledge and gadgets, and translations expert.

  • Dhoni Saputra
    Bringing cultural diversity and dancing moves to fleeber, Dhoni brings the Indonesian touch to our community and represents us in Asia Pacific at the same time he sings in his band and drinks lots of cofee.

  • Sam Kreuk
    Honoring the Dutch tradition of world conquest, Sam opened the doors of Europe to fleeber and our entire community! Also still has enough time to grow a beautiful home garden.

If you have questions, suggestions, criticism, thoughts, or simply wanna chat… send us an e-mail! You can sent it to someone directly or to info@fleeber.com if you want everybody to read it! Let's not complicate things!