More about fleeber

Do you want to better understand what you can do in fleeber?

You want to tell the world that you are the best musician in the Universe, that you have the most amazing band, plays at all the best places in the galaxy and of course, earn a fortune from it!

Oh .. wait .. not a Musician? You are a musician, but has no band yet? Knows no studio to rehearse? Want to improve your technique? No problem! fleeber is the ultimate platform to make life easier for all kind of musicians!

First things first:

  1. The first thing is to register. It´s free, so there is no good excuse for you to don’t try it.

  2. Well, now that the registration is done, you can upload your photos playing something! Or, if you do not play yet, get a guitar, make a badass pose and go for it!

  3. In your musician profile you can fill a lot of information about your instruments, skill levels, address, contacts, music, social networks, videos and photos. This is

    very important because this information with help other people, bands and opportunities to find you.
  4. Remember that you can register any instrument, and especially, as much as you want to! You can tell in which level you are at in each of these instruments. Guitar, bass, harmonica, drums, Ukulele, Keyboard, Violin, Cello, Piano, and on and on.

  5. One thing is true, no matter how long you play or if you had never played, there is always room for improvement! Wouldn’t it be nice to improve your technique or learn to play a special song just the right way? Or even learn the first chords? No matter your skill level. Find a music teacher or school or even a musician with similar influence to what you need!

  6. Wanting to make some sound? You can set a Jam Session or get a band together! Or two, or three, or a thousand! Just look for the musician by instrument, influence, location, or any other information you think it’s important. The cool thing is that you can arrange several musical influences at once. Nobody wants to hear more of the same.

  7. We know the size of the need for further disclosure for bands and we are already working hard on it! A section devoted 100% to bands! Profile, photos, sounds and so on... So... follow our facebook, blog, Instagram, etc, to always stay in touch with our news. And we love suggestions!

  8. Now that you have a band (or two, or three). You need to rehearse! And rehearse a lot! So... it does not help finding a studio all the way across town. Rehearsal has to be easy, fun, productive, and if possible, cheap! fleeber has already registered several studios in different regions, for sure, it will be a single on in-between your home and all the other members of your band! And if it does not exists and you know a great studio there in the region, please tell others musicians about this place! You can add new studios in the map yourself!

  9. Now that you have a band, flourishing pure art, rehearsed lots and is totally ready, what else is missing? It's time to play for your public! Take over the world! In fleeber you can find bars and venues! Through the information there you and/or your band can get right to your momentum!

  10. Ok...So you do not like humans and really enjoys singing or playing your guitar, bass or drums in your room, far from everything and everyone. No problem! Forget the band, studio and people! Post your videos or your music on your fleeber wall. There are lots of other musicians who will be able to help you and give good feedback! In addition to a lot of people coming to fleeber looking for good and fresh new music.

  11. One thing is certain, you having a band or not, every musician needs good instruments and services! In fleeber you may find musical instrument stores, luthiers, producers, roadies, photographers, custom products, equipment rental / backline, labels, Sound Technician, Lighting Rental, Lighting Technician, Merchandising and etc. Guess what! fleeber has a full line of registered services to make easier for all musicians! You can search any of these services and they will appear on the map with all the necessary information to help you!

  12. On the other hand, if you are any of those service providers (like a studio, photographer, roadie, producer, music school, music instrument store, etc…) fleeber has a set of corporate solutions for you to find and connect with your audience in the right place at the right time. Imagine being able to talk with your customers in an innovative and easy way, in a place specialized in musicians.

  13. Now, if you are not a musician, do not want to learn to play, do not need a studio, wonder no more about that guitar model and does not want to start a band, but love music and want to find out more about this amazing world of musicians... no problem! On the contrary, people like you are more than welcome and much needed in fleeber. What would the musicians be without the public?

Welcome! Set up a profile, exchange ideas, post on the timeline, criticize, disclose and explore all that the world of music has to offer you!

fleeber, Music happens together!